My Service:

My name is Sascha and I have been trading during the past few years very successfully.
My goal is to make as much money as possible trading by maximizing profits while minimizing losses.
My stocks analysis and discipline average 10% to 30% profits on a daily basis. Sometimes even more!

Today, I want you to start your journey into extreme profits by copying my trades.
No Trading Knowledge Needed!
Basically, if you know basic math, you're more than ready.
It can't be easier than this!

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...and one day later...

What You Need:

- An online trading account
(Create one here for free).
- A smartphone or computer.
- An email to get notified...
...even BEFORE I trade!
- Select stocks from a list.
- Click on "BUY" or "SELL".

Members receive my daily stock picks detailing when to get in, when to get out, what our target profit is, all in a very understandable manner.
Members also access a panel for reference purposes detailing all trades we get involved in and their final profitability ratios.

(This could be your account)
...and one day later...


7-Days Free Access + Refund
I fully understand that it is a little hard to belive that you could be making10% to 40% profits on a daily basis trading.
If you don't make money trading in your first free week, cancel.
And if you don't make money trading within the next 60 days, ask me for a refund

For me, this is the only way to show you what I am capable of without you having to risk anything!
You can even use virtual money on your favorite platform to copy me without risking real money!

(This could be your account)
...and one day later...

Start with virtual money

There is absolutely no need for you to start with real money, especially if you are new in the trading business.
Most trading platforms offer a demo account where you can play with virtual money. Use it to follow my trades and check how it all goes without risking a single dollar. Then, if you followed my trades and have made money, go ahead and use real money.
I trade on small-medium stocks, priced from $1.00 to $50.00 so everyone is able to copy my trades. Ready?